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CRE Console has created an intuitive, investor-friendly portal for commercial real estate participants of all sizes to source, underwrite and close deals all in one place. Some of our investors' favorite features include:

The ability to create, update and disseminate acquisition parameters. Investors can access their profile 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing brokers to send you only the deals that best fit your investment objectives.

Intuitive, electronic CAs and document centers. No more sign the CA, fax the CA, and then wait for the information. Instead, CRE Console provides a straightforward registration process and a simple, easy to use due diligence center.

A convenient way to monitor REO Activity. Get the newest distressed investment opportunities delivered to your desktop via our proprietary REO Monitor Publication.

Access analysis of non-bias information sources. CRE Console provides detailed analysis of 3rd party research from renowned sources such as Moody's, MIT and RC Analytics, so that you can identify emerging trends more easily.

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