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CREConsole.com was built for commercial real estate brokers selling income-producing properties of $2 million and greater. We have created a simple and secure platform for marketing your properties, using the latest technology and cutting-edge electronic marketing techniques.

Our most popular features include:

Branded Property Websites »
Our property websites are corporately branded, so that each integrates seamlessly with the rest of your marketing materials.

Electronic Confidentiality Agreements
No more waiting for faxed CAs! With every website, we provide the ability to allow investors to register electronically, saving everyone time.

"CA Signed" Notifications »
Every time a new investor signs the electronic CA you'll receive an email with their full contact information, including name, phone number and email address.

Automated Client Reporting »
Tired of scrambling to create, update or maintain marketing progress reports? Our proprietary software automates the entire client reporting process, preparing a simple (but elegant) report for every client.

Property Email Templates
With the creation of your property website, we'll also create an email version of this information. You can use this email to send your deal to anyone you like.

Virtual Document Rooms »
Don't waste time overnighting or emailing flyers and OMs. Our websites enable you to host these materials all in one place, saving you time and money.

Virtual Investor Rolodex
Stop using spreadsheets or obsolete contact management software to maintain your investors lists. Our software automates investor database maintenance.

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